The Finnish Society of Rheumatology Nurses

Purpose and members

The purpose of The Finnish Society of Rheumatology Nurses shall be

  • to promote the care and treatment of those with of musculoskeletal diseases and arthritis
  • to develop their care and treatment together with other professional groups involved in the activity

The Society shall form a cooperative body for rheumatology nurses and promote their professional development. It shall also promote the development of scientific research in the field as well as Nordic, European and international cooperation in the field.

Persons that may be accepted as Ordinary Members of the Society include nurses and health nurses as well as other professionals participating in treatment and care, selected by the Board, who wish to promote the purpose and operation of the Society.


The Society shall arrange meetings, training, lectures and presentations, organise development ventures and participate in cooperative development ventures, engage in the publication business, and cooperate with other organisations in the field. The main activities are described on our homepage.

The Society shall monitor economic developments and legislation relating to the treatment of arthritis; it shall make initiatives and issue proposals and statements relating to these.


If you need information about our Society or our activities please feel free to contact us


Sirkku Sartoneva, secretary of the Society